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3D scans and measurements

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3D scans and measurements

  • Conducting precise, high resolution 3D recordings of physical objects with different surfaces in difficult situations (such as insensitivity to surface reflections on shiny surfaces)  
  • Continuous self-positioning due to dynamic referencing 
  • Consistent and repeatable results under difficult working conditions and in all environments
  • Portability 
  • Accuracy down to 0.025 mm (only achievable given optimum circumstances)
  • Volumetric accuracy of 0.020 mm and 0.040 mm/m
  • Large scan field of 0.05 – 8m 
  • Scan can be conducted as a surface model for numerous CAD programs
  • Measurements (for instance inspection of first articles of aircraft parts, comparison of prototypes with an existing CAD model, recording and evaluation of damage, etc.)
  • Reverse Engineering



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