Design & Development reference project

A50 Junior

Weighing as little as in the 30s

This new version of the A50 Junior is also an ultralight aircraft in the 600 kg class and is designed with open tandem seating. It corresponds to the typical light aircraft image from the end of the twenties, so it has a very classic appearance. Although it does involve use of the latest technology: the A50 is propelled by a four-cylinder Rotax engine producing 100 hp with an MT propeller. The brakes are provided by Beringer and the avionics by GARMIN. These features together with the Galaxy parachute rescue system installed in the previous baggage compartment ensure the greatest possible safety. All necessary information is displayed on modern screens that the pilot monitors from the rear seat, otherwise the cockpit retains its retro trim.  


Our job

Collation of data from the 3D scan of a museum aircraft

Creation of a 3D model

Production of individual parts, assembly drawings and parts lists 

Development, construction and testing of forming tools

Development and manufacture of fixtures and workpiece holders for the production of assemblies

Integration of modern aircraft and navigation systems in collaboration with Kasaero 

Prototype construction

Performing breaking tests

Refinements in relation to series readiness

Production of the prototype for flight testing



A new version of the “people’s aircraft”

The A50 Junior ultralight aircraft (UL) in the 600 kg class combines the look of the late 1920s with the latest technology. 


The first flight of the A50 Junior

Through this customer‘s order, we were able to outgrow ourselves and realize the project within only one and a half years. For this purpose, we have created the design data and the complete CAD model, built tools as well as jigs, and carried out optimizations to set up serial production.
In order to obtain the provisional flight approval, we have provided all the necessary evidence, such as a breakage test, etc. Kasaero GmbH developed the verification for this matter. Further development, installation and testing of instrumentation, electrics/avionics, fuel, cooling and oil systems, as well as the engine installation, were carried out by MTAS Aviation GmbH in cooperation with Kasaero and kaelin aero.