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Bringing vintage aircraft to life

Aircraft from a bygone era are worthy of special appreciation. We take the greatest care in our faithful reproduction of these fascinating classics. Museum pieces are often the starting point; numerous historical photos and sketches also provide us with orientation. Our manufacturing combines traditional methods with the latest techniques to achieve the optimum result. Our services include:

  • Completely rebuilding airworthy aircraft types based on old construction plans
  • Searching for production documents
  • New production of construction drawings
  • 3D scanning of aircraft or aircraft components for data acquisition

It is always a particular highlight for us to bring one of these unique classics to life. The world's first all-metal aircraft, the Junkers F 13 for example, which we have faithfully reproduced.
We are happy to admit it fills us with pride and joy when these replicas leave our halls as airworthy aircraft.



Aviation legends

Historic aircraft have a special fascination. We do our best to make the showpieces from these epochs shine.  


From old to new – the most important steps

Designing (drafting)



Heat treatment




Corrosion protection

Non-destructive testing



Customer benefits

Three reasons for top quality

A multitude of production processes gives Kaelin the opportunity to develop suitable solutions in the field of aluminum forming.

The aircraft manufacturers at Kaelin are masters of their trade. This ensures a high degree of flexibility and efficient problem solving.

Kaelin is your all-round partner with unique manufacturing know-how.

Reference project

Junkers F 1 3

The Junkers F 13 is the world's first all-metal aircraft. We have faithfully reproduced this unique classic.

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