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Top quality in every piece

Kaelin is your ideal partner when it comes to producing high-precision aircraft parts. Whether individual parts or complete components – we produce technically advanced and efficient components with the highest precision and functionality.

We work according to sample components and drawings, scan existing components and create the necessary production drawings as required. We use numerous aviation-specific processes to achieve the desired production quality.

These include hydroforming, integral milling, non-destructive material testing, cutting of individual parts, corrosion protection treatments, welding, aluminum heat treatments as well as hardness and conductivity tests.



Precision parts with passion

Whether as a single piece or integrated within components: Kaelin parts are used in aircraft around the world. 


Precision components as a passion – the most important steps



Preparation of production data

Development of the production method

Material procurement

Manufacture of components

Quality control

Customer benefits

Four reasons for top quality

Kaelin has an immense wealth of experience in both classic and the latest aircraft structures, from which the customer benefits.

Kaelin has an elaborate machine and tool park. This means that 95% of all parts can be processed in-house.

Its large network within the aviation industry enables Kaelin to continuously optimize and simplify manufacturing methods.

Innovative solutions in the creation of production data – efficient solutions in production.