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Specialized in technical challenges

As a Kaelin customer, you don’t just have access to a top-notch Design & Development department. Our specialist skills also include technical modifications to different aircraft types, historic planes and rebuilds. We produce complex CAD designs and 3D models along with the associated individual part drawings, assembly drawings and parts lists. This involves the use of a 3D scanner that also enables reverse engineering.

We devote great passion to the development and testing of individual assemblies and systems or the entire airframe. That also includes the necessary tests/experiments to verify capability for series production.

No matter how unusual a customer's request may seem, we look forward to using the latest technology and our high-performance machinery to make it a reality. We dedicate ourselves to each task with care, expertise and finesse – whether it involves current aviation requirements or individual concepts. We design, analyze, simulate, develop and produce jigs and tools, and build complete prototypes on request. 

The entire process chain is managed in-house. We provide you with everything from a single source – in a creative and flexible fashion, but always as you want it. Close collaboration with our engineering office ensures static and dynamic verification of the modifications. We do of course also assume full coordination with the aviation authorities, so that certification of the new aircraft is a smooth process. 




The most important steps for successful modification

Feasibility study

Planning and coordination with the customer

Calculation and verification by engineers

Training for mechanics or fitters as necessary

Implementation of the modification

On time delivery

Customer benefits

Three reasons for top quality

Kaelin delivers large projects by deploying its extensive experience, know-how, innovative abilities, knowledge and high-quality technical equipment and machinery.

The team of specialists at Kaelin is constantly prepared for conversions and modifications – no matter where in the world. This assures our customer a high degree of flexibility.

Its many years of experience in the structural modification of civil and military aircraft makes Kaelin a committed and effective partner.

Reference project

Design & Development reference project

 We produced a meticulous CAD model as the basis for recreating this Junkers A50 Junior from the late 1920s. 

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