Big dreams
aren't confined to
the ground


Ready for take-off

Icarus reveals to us that the dream of flying is as old as humanity. All the better that this fascination still continues undiminished.

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…cups of coffee were drunk by our team to keep themselves awake for our customers.
The forecast requirement for 2024 is at least 26.796 cups of coffee...

The Kaelin Spirit

They have learned their skills from the ground up and are at the heart of our company: Kaelin's dedicated, highly trained staff and experienced aircraft builders.

They have become masters of their trade in manufacturing plants, maintenance companies and worldwide field repair operations. They adapt quickly and flexibly to a wide variety of projects, aircraft types and cultures and also solve special tasks with individual class and maximum reliability. They all share the love of aircraft construction, the joy of a challenge and the passion for perfection. This is the Kaelin spirit.

Your demands give us wings

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Lift offs completed

Our references are impressive: this applies not only to repairs, restorations of historic aircraft or complete replicas, but also above all to the assembly of aircraft components. Enjoy the PC-24, F 13, PC-6, F5 Tiger, A50 and other interesting projects.

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Kaelin Aero has for many years been a proven supplier to the manufacturing company Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG. Around 350 components are produced for them every year. Five different components are currently being manufactured to the highest perfection for the PC-24.

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The F 13 – a classic from 1919

An original in an up-to-date version

The Junkers F 13 from 1919 was the first all-metal aircraft in the world. We have rebuilt this unique classic as faithfully as possible, taking into account today's legal aviation requirements.

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Your career opportunity

Kerosene in the blood? We'll let you take-off! Kaelin Aero Technologies is looking for employees with the right mix of expertise, commitment and passion.

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