Structural repairs &
restorations worldwide
and anytime

Our services

Defective cell or structural components? Complete restoration? We are there when you need us.

We repair airplanes – on the apron, in the hangar at your site and anywhere in the world. Perfectly and reliably. It is often landing accidents that require fast and professional repair. New wings, functional landing gear or engines – we make your plane fit for the skies again because we are totally enthusiastic about aircraft technology.
Your older plane has been dormant in the hangar for years? Want to restore your gem to its former glory? Then Kaelin is your perfect partner: nothing gives us greater joy than to get historic planes to their destination. We deploy dedication and precision to ensure you can safely take-off and land in your dream aircraft. Our services:

  • Inspection of components
  • Engineering/ calculations for supporting structural components
  • Upgrading defective or broken components
  • Manufacturing components from metal or composite materials
  • Repairs to classics, airliners, commercial aircraft, helicopters
  • Restoration of historic aircraft
  • Searching for production documents, fabrication plans and drawings
  • Corrosion repairs
  • Production of missing and defective parts or components
  • Close cooperation with the aviation authority, coordination of technical requirements for re-approval



From old to new – wherever you need us

Defective? See for yourself which challenges our specialists have mastered... 


Our most important steps to achieve the perfect result

Initial findings (in writing) and repair recommendation

Evaluation of the manufacturer's documentation

Procurement or manufacture of the replacement part

Implementation of repairs according to manufacturer's specifications or customer requirements

Final inspection


Handover to our customer

Customer benefits

Three reasons for top quality

Kaelin is your unique partner in airframe construction for civil and military aircraft.

Kaelin is the European leader in the field of repair and restoration services.

Kaelin is your all-round partner with outstanding manufacturing know-how.

Reference Project

PC-6 Wing Repair

One very special assignment was the field repair of a Pilatus Porter PC-6 for an Indonesian airline.

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