Single piece production –

Our services


  • 3-axis portal milling machines (2 in number)
  • The latest generation of solid carbide milling machines 
  • Component size up to 2050x1550x220 mm 
  • Holders to enable machining of small parts
  • HSC machining process with up to 32000 revolutions (9kw / 15kw, high speeds = efficient milling using small cutters)
  • Uncomplicated, quick and clean machining of a wide range of panel types from 0.2 mm to 200 mm material thickness
  • Superbly accurate milling
  • Very short set-up times due to vacuum clamping systems 
  • Extremely modular, flexible, fast working, as there is no need for major modifications (e.g. quick change from 0.3 mm sheet to 200 mm block)
  • Production of tool molds, milled aviation parts and jig components
  • Contoured milling



Precision components as a passion – the most important steps